Italy 2017


Staremo a Italia dal quattro settembre al venticinque settembre . (We will be in Italy from September 4th to September 25th).  Il nostro volo sarĂ  diretto da Pittsburgh a Parigi e poi a Firenze. (Our flight will be from Pittsburgh direct to Paris and then to Florence.) We will visit the region of Chanti then cities of Lucca, Florence, Pisa. If you want to follow our adventures then click on the link each day.  I will send a daily link via email.

In Chanti we will be visiting towns, villages and vinyards that we have never been to - exciting.

Quando in Italia si beve e si mangia bene.(when in Italy one drinks and eats well)

I nostri viaggi saranno divertenti. (Our travels will be fun).


Roberto e Dow                              Chianti


Il nostro viaggio -Our trip

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